February 21, 2024

What Causes Car Accidents at Intersections?

A Lansdale Car Accident Lawyer at the Law Firm of Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. Will Represent You After an Intersection Crash

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over half of all crashes that involve injuries and fatalities happen at or close to intersections. That makes sense because multiple paths converge at these points, increasing the number of possibilities for accidents – there are more cars and more pedestrians. What exactly causes car accidents at intersections, though?

Are Driver Errors a Major Factor in Car Accidents at Intersections?

Driver errors are a primary cause of accidents at intersections. From failing to yield the right of way to running red lights, mistakes behind the wheel can quickly escalate into collisions. Here are some of the common driver errors that cause these crashes:

  • Distracted driving, like texting or adjusting the GPS, can divert attention from the road.
  • Driving under the influence is especially dangerous near intersections.
  • False assumptions cause intersection accidents. This is when someone assumes another will do something, like yielding the right of way.
  • Misjudging speed at an intersection is particularly dangerous when another vehicle is approaching faster than it seems.
  • Not looking both ways is a known cause of intersection crashes; always do this, even when there is no traffic signal or sign.
  • Speeding increases the risk of accidents, especially in busy intersections.

Other causes of intersection accidents include poor visibility from weather conditions, defective traffic lights, vehicle malfunctions, and pedestrians.

How Should I Drive at Intersections?

To drive safely at intersections, adhere to traffic signals and signs, and always slow down when approaching. Yield to pedestrians and to vehicles with the right of way. Maintain awareness of your surroundings, using mirrors and signals, and avoid distractions like texting or eating. Top of Form

Liability for Intersection Car Accidents

Proving liability in these accidents can be tricky because it often involves one driver’s word against the others. As with other motor vehicle crashes, you must gather evidence to demonstrate who was at fault.

Right after the accident, gathering as much proof as possible after calling for help is best. That means exchanging information with the other driver and snapping photos of both vehicles and evidence from the scene. Look for skid marks, traffic signals, weather conditions, and anything else to help your case.

Ask the responding officer for a copy of the police report, typically available a few days or weeks after an accident. Note if any eyewitnesses saw what happened and ask the officer to help you get them to cooperate. Also, check for traffic cameras since their footage might also be helpful.

With severe injuries, you will likely need to obtain your medical records to pursue compensation. Be sure to follow your physician’s orders; otherwise, the other driver may have grounds to challenge our claims. In some instances, car accident lawyers work with expert witnesses like accident reconstruction experts and other specialists to determine liability.

A Lansdale Car Accident Lawyer at the Law Firm of Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. Will Represent You After an Intersection Crash

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