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Anthony C. Gagliano, III is proud of his success in representing clients in a variety of injury related legal situations. Whether a jury verdict or a settlement outside the confines of the courtroom, Anthony works tirelessly to make sure his clients are fairly and appropriately compensated for the injuries and losses they have experienced as a result of someone else’s negligence. Philadelphia Injury Attorney Anthony C. Gagliano, III has handled thousands of cases over the years. Some of his hard fought verdicts and settlements are highlighted below:

Wrongful Death Settlement


Settlement for the family/estate of a deceased motorcyclist struck by a vehicle on Ridge Pike in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Slip & Fall Settlement


For Teamsters Union member and Norristown resident who slipped and fell on ice at his employer’s parking lot and fractured his ankle in Chester County, PA.

Car Accident Settlement


Philadelphia client suffered multiple leg and ankle fractures on Roosevelt Boulevard after another car forced his car off the road and into a telephone pole.

Uninsured Motorist (UM) Settlement


Secured a significant settlement with the client's employer's uninsured motorist carrier after his work delivery truck overturned when a motorcycle ran him off the road. Our client suffered a fractured arm and leg.

Poconos Car Accident Settlement


Mr. Gagliano was able to obtain a settlement related to a Carbon County car accident where the passenger suffered a broken neck.

Chester County Car Accident


Anthony Gagliano obtained a significant settlement for a teacher who suffered multiple fractures in Chester County car accident.

Parking Lot Accident Settlement


Mr. Gagliano was able to obtain a settlement for a hospital worker who aggravated a pre-existing lower back injury after a low speed accident in a parking lot in Montgomery County.

Hit and Run Accident


Mr. Gagliano secured a settlement for a Northampton County victim of hit and run accident.

Motorcycle Accident Settlement


Settlement in South Philly for a motorcycle accident where my client suffered a foot fracture and was blamed for causing the accident.

Car Accident Settlement


Mr. Gagliano was able to secure a settlement for a husband and wife who both suffered concussions in Bucks County car accident.

Dog Bite Settlement


Settlement for a victim of a dog bit in Northeast Philadelphia.

Motorcycle Accident in Philadelphia


Motorcycle accident victim in Philadelphia who was accused of speeding.

Motorcycle Accident in Conshohocken


Motorcycle accident victim in Conshohocken who suffered shoulder tear.

Car Accident Settlement


Mr. Gagliano secured a settlement for an injured worker who suffered a concussion in Delaware County car accident.

Hit and Run in Montgomery County


Victim of hit and run accident on PA 422 (Montgomery County).

Car Accident in Abington


Pedestrian struck by car in her employer’s parking lot in Abington.

Hit and run


Delivery truck driver who was victim of hit and run accident in Philadelphia.

Jury Verdict


Mr. Gagliano represented a woman who was injured in a Montgomery County car accident. The defendant denied liability for causing the accident and the Plaintiff's injuries. Defendant's first and only settlement offer ($30,000.00) was made the week before trial.

Car Accident in Montgomery County


Pedestrian struck by car in her apartment complex parking lot in Montgomery County.

Car Accident Settlement


Passenger injured in one car accident on I-95 in Philadelphia.

Six Figure Confidential Settlement


Mr. Gagliano represented a pedestrian who was injured while walking in her own neighborhood. The case resulted in a confidential six figure settlement.

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