December 4, 2023

What Are Common Back Injuries After a Car Accident?

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Serious car accidents are traumatic events that damage vehicles and cause physical harm to those involved. The collision’s force of impact often causes back injuries, which can have long-lasting effects. The most common car accident back injuries include:

  • Back strains and sprains: These happen when soft tissue stretches excessively. A strain impacts tendons that connect muscles to bones; sprains affect ligaments that connect bones to other bones or joints.
  • Discogenic pain: Signs include sharp pains and shooting sensations. One example is persistent sciatica, which causes radiating pain in the legs, buttocks, or feet.
  • Facet joint injuries: These joints are located between the bones in the spine. When injured, there can be significant nerve pain, muscle spasms, and radiating pain in the back.
  • Herniated discs: This happens when the inner part of the spinal discs pushes out. Patients with this condition experience burning sensations, weakness, and numbness.
  • Lumbar and thoracic vertebrae fractures: These happen when vertebrae crack or break.
  • Spondylolisthesis: This is a stress fracture to the vertebrae.

What Should I Do if I Have a Back Injury From a Car Accident?

Getting checked by a doctor after a car accident is always important. Even if you do not have noticeable pain or other symptoms, make an appointment if you do not go to the emergency room as soon as possible. A physician can examine you, perform medical tests, rule out problems, and provide a diagnosis.

Do not lift anything heavy or do anything else that might strain your back. That could worsen the injury and lengthen your recovery time. Do not ignore your symptoms and hope that they clear up on their own.

How Can I Get Compensated for My Back Injuries?

If you live in Pennsylvania, the compensation you receive depends on the coverage choices selected on your insurance policy and the seriousness of your injuries. If you choose no-fault auto insurance coverage, you can file a claim with your provider to get benefits for medical and certain out-of-pocket expenses. You can only file a lawsuit against an allegedly at-fault driver if you meet the state’s “serious injury” threshold. With full-tort insurance, car accident survivors can file claims against the other driver’s insurance; you can also pursue compensation for pain and suffering.

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