March 22, 2024

Is Drowsy Driving Comparable to Drunk Driving?

A Delaware County Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Firm of Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. Can Protect Your Rights Following a Drowsy Driving Crash

Drivers may think it is acceptable to get behind the wheel when tired, and then they are not endangered to anyone else. Drowsy driving is one of the most significant dangers on the road, putting you and your loved one at risk. If you have been injured in a drowsy driving car accident, contact an experienced lawyer to determine whether you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Drowsy Driving Is Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Drowsy driving may not be illegal, like DUI, but that does not mean that it is any less dangerous. Drivers need their reflexes and skills when they are behind the wheel. If they have not slept for an extended period or have not gotten proper rest, they can become a danger to themselves and other road drivers.

Drowsy driving crashes are far higher than officially reported. According to AAA, there are well over a quarter of a million drowsy drives and crashes each year. These accidents tend to have a higher rate of injuries and fatalities than other types of car crashes because neither driver can avoid the collision or take any evasive action. This survey found that there are more than 6,400 fatalities each year from drowsy driving accidents.

Drowsy Driving Crashes Often Happen at High Speeds

Drowsy driving crashes are dangerous because the tired driver is still traveling at high speed. Because they are not focused, there is little effort to apply the brakes or to avoid an accident. These drivers may be a danger to themselves in one-car accidents or harm other drivers in their vicinity on the road. Other drivers cannot anticipate what the drowsy driver may do because their actions are unpredictable.

Some studies have quantified the exact dangers of drowsy driving. When a driver has not slept for 20 or more hours, it is equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol content of 0.08, which is the legal limit for being drunk. If you have been awake for 24 hours straight, it is equivalent to driving with a 0.10 blood alcohol content, which is above the legal limit.

Drowsy Driving Can Also Happen When the Driver Does Not Take Breaks

A driver does not have to fall asleep to be dangerous to others on the road. They may lose focus on the road for just a few seconds or fail to react in time when required by circumstances. Even if drivers nod off for a few seconds, their vehicle could travel hundreds of feet. It would take the driver time to refocus on the road even after they opened their eyes.

Drowsy driving is not just about not getting enough sleep before getting behind the wheel. Drivers also need to take frequent breaks while driving for extended periods. If the driver is operating the car for too long, their reflexes may be dulled and lulled into a sense of complacency. If drivers take a break for just a few minutes, they will stay sharper for longer.

A Delaware County Car Accident Lawyers at the Law Firm of Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. Can Protect Your Rights Following a Drowsy Driving Crash

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