January 8, 2024

How Dangerous Is Tailgating?

Everyone who drives gets frustrated occasionally, but that is no excuse for tailgating. It is a dangerous habit that can cause serious accidents, leading to injuries, vehicle damage, or worse. Tailgating can be unintentional when drivers do not realize they are not following the three-second rule. Many times, however, it is intentional. That means there will not be enough space or reaction time for the tailgater to stop if the vehicle in front stops. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that one-third of motor vehicle accidents in the United States are rear-end collisions – and it is easy to see how tailgating can cause them.

The NHTSA also claims that 29 percent of motor vehicle fatalities are caused by speeding. Tailgating, frequent lane changes, and swerving go hand-in-hand with speeding; these are all aggressive driving behaviors that cause accidents that increase the likelihood of injuries and fatalities.

Tailgating also contributes to distracted driving accidents because it is hard to focus on the task when another vehicle is too close. The driver in the first car might not see other vehicles, pedestrians, or objects until it is too late and will not have enough reaction time to avoid a crash.

Because tailgating is aggressive, it can lead to even more aggressive reactions. Someone who is angered by a tailgater might intentionally slow down or speed up; both drivers might engage in a dangerous confrontation that could even lead to deadly road rage.

What Should I Do When Someone Is Tailgating My Vehicle?

Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings when on the road. For example, someone texting and driving in the left lane might not realize they are driving below the speed limit.

You should stay out of the left lane unless you pass another vehicle. If a tailgater shows up, remain calm and turn on your right indicator. When it is safe to change lanes, do so. If the tailgater seems especially aggressive, it might be best to report them to the authorities.

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