September 1, 2022

What Are Labor Day Safety Driving Tips?

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Many people view Labor Day as the unofficial end of summer. Those with summer homes and cabins often use the three-day holiday weekend to close their vacation properties for the year. Others might make one last trip to visit family or friends before the school year kicks off.

Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest travel holidays in the United States. The National Safety Council says it also is one of the deadliest, with nearly 500 deaths and thousands of injury accidents occurring over the three-day weekend on average.

Whether you intend to travel or stay close to home over the holiday weekend, the following safety tips could help to make your travels safe.

Avoid Peak Traffic

Many people work on Friday and then leave for their Labor Day destination when work ends. Leaving immediately after work ends means you will drive in rush hour traffic. You also might drive while tired due to the day and work and especially if you did not sleep well.

Even leaving a day earlier following work will prove to be difficult for many people. Global mobility analytics provider INRIX says many people start their holidays after work concludes on Thursday. INRIX says holiday traffic is at its worst from 4 p.m. to 6 on Thursday and only slightly better during the same timeframe on Friday.

Holiday traffic also is busier and slower than on most other weekends. Expect to take a little longer to get to your destination. If you are driving in a heavily populated area, the drive time could be double what you normally experience.

Stay Sober and Drive Within the Speed Limit

Drinking over the holiday significantly can contribute to the potential for causing an accident. So can speeding. Combining the two greatly increases your chances of becoming part of a very unfortunate holiday traffic statistic.

The potential for causing a death or injury accident is much higher when you drink, drive, and exceed the speed limit. Staying sober is the best way to enjoy the holiday weekend safely.

If you plan to drink or partake in other intoxicating substances, you should have a designated driver, hail a cab or ride-hailing service, or stay where you are until you are sober.

Use Your Seat Belts and Child Safety Seat

Wearing your seat belt and making sure any passengers also wear theirs can greatly reduce the potential for a fatality occurring during a car accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says passengers who wear seat belts while in the front seat are about 10 times less likely to suffer a fatal injury in an accident. Passengers in the rear seat also are less likely to suffer fatal injuries when using seat belts.

If you have any small children as passengers, use a child safety seat to keep them as safe as possible. Make sure that you install the seat correctly and properly strap in the child.

Turn Off the Cellphone and Limit Distractions

Distracted driving is a primary cause of accidents and usually happens when a driver is tending to a cellphone.

You should turn off your cellphone while driving so that you do not feel tempted to answer it or read or respond to any text messages. If you have a passenger, that is the person who should answer any calls or send or receive any text messages while you are driving.

Minimize other potential distractions. You can do so by keeping the audio at a reasonable volume, keeping any pets in a cage or pet carrier, and avoiding eating while driving.

Montgomery County Car Accident Lawyers at Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. Advocate for Car Accident Survivors

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