August 17, 2023

Are Witnesses Important in My Car Accident Case?

King of Prussia Car Accident Lawyers at Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. Help Injured Clients Gather Witness Information

Evidence can make or break a personal injury claim. Witnesses that can attest to what happened during a car accident are as crucial as any evidence you can provide. Witnesses can provide a third-party account of an accident to establish a party’s liability or negligence, filling in missing crash details.

Here are just a few reasons why witnesses are essential to a car accident case:

  • Help establish fault: Witness testimony can help establish fault in a case if it is in question.
  • Third-party account: Witness testimony can also provide details of the accident that you may not have been aware of or were too overwhelmed to notice before or after the accident.
  • Behavior: A witness may notice a driver’s negligent behavior leading up to an accident or may have seen them participating in negligent behavior before getting into the car, such as drinking alcohol.
  • Credibility: Witnesses can provide credibility to your accident claim, whereas other evidence cannot. Their testimony can either support your claim or adversely affect it.

Obtaining the help of an accident lawyer is essential in gathering witness information. However, after the accident occurs, and if you can, you must get witness information at the scene. The lawyer can also decide which witness testimony is most beneficial to your case and may also get the advice of expert witnesses to help aid your case.

Witnesses and Pennsylvania Car Accident Laws

It is important to know the accident laws in the state your accident occurred so you have a better idea of how to be compensated for your injuries. Most car accident cases are settled through insurance companies, mainly because of the no-fault insurance rule in Pennsylvania. A driver files an accident claim with their insurance company for reimbursement, regardless of who caused it. Furthermore, every driver in the state must carry car insurance.

However, if the injuries in an accident are severe enough, or the insurance company does not provide enough compensation to cover your needs, you may be able to sue. You may need the help of an accident lawyer and witness accounts.

King of Prussia Car Accident Lawyers at Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. Help Injured Clients Gather Witness Information

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