January 4, 2023

What If I Slip and Fall at An Airport?

The Montgomery County Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Can Offer Help in Airport Slip and Fall Cases.

It is not unusual to see travelers running at airports, but the rush to make your flight is only one of the risk factors that can lead to slips, falls, and serious injuries in an airport. This is why paying attention is so important, even if you are concerned about missing a flight or cannot locate your luggage. Here are some of the main reasons why people fall at airports, and what to do if it happens to you. If you were injured in an airport this year, reach out to an experienced slip and fall lawyer today.

What Hazards Should I Watch for in Airports Parking Lots?

Unless you get dropped off right at the entrance, you will not need to be that concerned about airport parking lot hazards. Otherwise, try not to rush as you are moving along, and keep a firm hold on your luggage handles. Take extra time when getting on and off shuttles and watch your feet as you go up and down the steps. Parking lots can have debris in them that can block your path, so step well around them. If you see construction areas, keep as far away as possible.

Parking lots can develop holes, cracks, or uneven surfaces and if you are not careful enough, you could easily slip and fall. Be extra careful when the weather is bad, as the ground could be wet or slippery.

What Can Make Me Slip and Fall Inside an Airport?

Many of the same dangers found at other buildings are also present in airports. When you add in thousands of travelers who may be lost, stressed out, rushed, or downright angry, the risks of slipping and falling can increase.

  • Poorly maintained floors can also be uneven and slippery, so make every effort to see what is ahead of you as you make your way through. This applies to the floors in airport bathrooms, restaurants, and stores, too – there could be spilled water or grease on them.
  • There might not be debris in the middle of the main pathways but if you are not paying attention you might walk right into something on the side. If you hear the beeps of a passenger cart approaching, see where it is and move well out of the way.
  • Should you choose the stairs instead of an escalator, hold onto the handrail and do not rush, as you could trip and fall. Escalators can also be dangerous if you rush up or down them and/or do not watch your feet when you get on and off. The moving pathways can also be problematic – walk and do not run, and hold onto the handrails. Airports generally have bright lights, but you could find your way into an area where the lighting is poor. This can make it hard to see where you are going.
  • As you move towards the plane, be on the lookout for debris in tarmac walking paths and gaps in between the different floor surfaces. You can usually see the gap between the walkway and the plane’s entrance, so take your time – you have made your flight.

Who Might be Responsible for My Slip and Fall Accident at an Airport?

Slipping and falling at an airport does not always lead to serious injuries, but it is possible to suffer broken bones, spinal cord damage, brain trauma, or worse. Those who find themselves with severe injuries like these may choose to seek compensation but will need to prove negligence. This can be complicated because the negligent party must first be identified. There are different categories for this: individuals, vendors, and governing authorities. Injured parties can also contribute slips and falls by running or doing something else that was considered to be unsafe.

The responsible party could also be another traveler in the airport who spilled a drink right in front of you as you were walking in their direction. Other examples might be a traveler who purposely rolled a suitcase into the back of your legs or rushed past you on an escalator, knocking you down. The allegedly liable individual might not wait around to help and could get lost in the crowd.

Airport vendors can also cause travelers to slip, fall, and become injured. They have fixed locations like kiosks along the pathways, but might not always be as responsible as one would hope. Hazards like spilled liquids might also be seen in these kinds of locations.

Airports have governing authorities – one example is the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which oversees LaGuardia and JFK Airports. On the other hand, Philadelphia International is a publicly owned airport and is run by The City of Philadelphia’s Division of Aviation. Many agencies work within that to keep things running.

What Should I Do if I Get Injured at an Airport?

Although you might think that your injuries are minor, it is best to err on the side of safety after slipping and falling in an airport. Stay at your location and call for help – airport security should arrive shortly. Make sure that they notify medical personnel and document the accident in detail. It is best to have a medical evaluation as soon as possible, and this might require transport to the closest emergency room. See if there were any witnesses, and ask for their contact information.

There may have been nearby cameras that recorded what happened, so you may be able to access that information to help your case. In the meantime, try to take photos and videos immediately following the accident if you can. Remember, if you did anything to contribute to your accident this will come out later so be completely honest with your claim. Airport accident cases can be difficult to manage, but an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer will be able to advise you in these matters.

The Montgomery County Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Can Offer Help in Airport Slip and Fall Cases

Getting injured at an airport can be overwhelming, especially when you are alone, with small children, or in an unfamiliar city. You need not face the aftermath by yourself, as the talented Montgomery County slip and fall accident lawyers at Anthony C. Gagliano III, P.C. are ready to provide skilled legal guidance. Contact our Philadelphia and King of Prussia, Pennsylvania offices for a free consultation today. Call us at 267-861-7100 or complete our online form – we serve clients in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Bucks County, Chester County, and Norristown.