November 28, 2023

How Do You Pay Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

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Car accident survivors who receive medical treatment are often shocked by the high out-of-pocket amounts that they are responsible for paying. Insurance can cover much of the costs, but much of this depends on your state and insurance.

Regardless of who caused the car accident, your auto insurance should cover your initial medical bills. Known as PIP, this coverage is limited. It does not provide for lost wages, disability, or pain and suffering and will only cover up to your policy limits.

Pennsylvania Limited and Full Tort Coverage

The amount of compensation you are entitled to depends on the coverage options you choose when starting or renewing your policy. Limited tort coverage has lower premiums but limits your ability to claim noneconomic damages like pain and suffering.

Full tort coverage is more expensive, but these policyholders can file claims that include pain and suffering and other losses.

What if My Insurance Is Not Enough?

This is a common scenario since the minimum legal limit for auto policy medical coverage in Pennsylvania is just $5,000. Insurance policies also have deductibles that are paid out of pocket. An experienced car accident might be able to negotiate with your creditors, so they might agree to wait until your claim or case is settled.

Bear in mind that the at-fault party’s insurer will not pay for your damages until the case is resolved. That can be done through a settlement, but the case might have to go to court if that does not happen.

This can be quite difficult for car accident survivors who are struggling to recover from their injuries. Keep track of all your medical expenses and records, including:

  • Copies of diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Dates and times of all appointments
  • Gas mileage from traveling to medical appointments
  • Invoices and statements from medical providers
  • Payment receipts

This is vital information to have at hand when you consult with a car accident lawyer. Gather evidence that could help your claim, including your auto and health insurance policy information, photos from the accident scene, and eyewitness contact information.

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