October 20, 2023

Word-Against-Word Car Accidents

car accident arguing over fault

Word-against-word car accidents follow the “he said, she said” idea when there are conflicting accounts of how the collision happened. It can involve two or more parties and a lot of arguing. These claims can take longer to resolve, and the outcome depends on each side’s ability to separate fact from fiction.

Gathering evidence after any car accident is vital; the more objective, the better. People naturally put their interests first but can also be biased, forget how crashes happened, or have different perspectives. It is always best to call 911 after a car accident because law enforcement officers will provide accident reports.

The officer should provide you with contact information to get that report. It typically takes up to a few days or weeks, and after that, you can pick it up in person or get an email.

It is crucial to remember that anything you say at the scene or afterward could be used as evidence against your claim. Tell the reporting officers what you saw and experienced, sticking to the facts.  It is not easy to remain calm, especially after a serious crash. Remember that whatever you say will be shown in the accident report. Use the same discretion when speaking with your auto insurance representatives.

Exchange information with the other. Snap pictures of vehicles and license plates, and then look for skid marks. Those can also serve as evidence in your favor, as can photos of broken traffic lights, traffic signs, and slippery road conditions.

Eyewitnesses can also help in word-against-word car accidents. Some people are more than happy to help, but others might hesitate. Get their contact information, and follow up with your lawyer immediately.

What if I Need More Evidence?

There are a few more options for gathering evidence. If the accident happened on a road with traffic cameras, there might be a recording to back up your claim. Should the claim become more involved, your car accident lawyer may suggest working with expert witnesses. They might contact an accident reconstruction expert or physician to testify for your side.

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